Tibo J. Chavez Jr.

An attorney dedicated to his community

Mr. Chavez has  actively practiced law throughout New Mexico from 1981 to the present.  He has had continuous,  personal handling of cases and litigation with successful results in a broad range of practice areas and the following types of cases: local courts (municipal, magistrate and metro);  state courts (state district, court of appeals and supreme court);  Indian tribal courts (Isleta and Navajo Nation courts); and federal courts (US district court and US court of appeals).

His pursuit of seeking justice extends beyond his clients into the community as he has served in the following roles:

- Served as county attorney for Valencia County and municipal attorney for Bosque Farms and City of Belen.

- Worked for Valencia County District Attorney and with grand jury in handling prosecution of criminal matters.

- Worked in N.M. Attorney General’s Office in consumer protection division.

- Served on numerous community boards including: University of New Mexico Valencia Campus Advisory Board; Past President of Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce; District Chairman El Valle Montoso Boy Scouts of America; Valencia County Cultural Program, founder of exchange program between Valencia County New Mexico and Valencia, Spain. 

- Received the distinguished Silver Beaver Award from the Boy Scouts of America in addition to already being an Eagle Scout.

Mr. Chavez has lived in New Mexico all his life, from birth in Belen, Valencia County, New Mexico until now. He received a BA degree in Government from NMSU and Juris Doctor from UNM. Since then, he has continued to dedicate his profession to helping his clients obtain the legal remedies they deserve in the State that he loves and looks forward to continuing to serve for many years. As Mr. Chavez grew up learning Spanish from his father and studies, he is fluent in the language, which allows him to best service the interests of his community and beyond.

In the words of Mr. Chavez expressing his Practice Viewpoints: 

     “Thorough and accurate investigation of facts and preparation of proofs is critical to success in every case.”


     “Preparation of cases for settlement and trial involves detailed work in gathering and organizing evidence for proper presentment to insurance claims      

      handlers and for the court and jurors.”

     “Researching and understanding applicable legal issues, drafting and preparing legal briefs on facts and law is an ongoing process in every case.” 


     "Haz el bien y no mires a quien"  Translated to English as "Do good, no matter to whom." This is a saying his father, the late Judge Tibo J. Chavez was well known for saying and living by, which Mr. Chavez has adopted as his own philosophy on life.

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